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CG16 promo by Entenn

Are you interested in horror, make-up or creature effects? If the answer is yes you must join us at Creaturegeddon this weekend! I'll be there exhibiting along with many of my heroes and still have a limited amount of 10% discount codes for when you purchase your tickets for the event! It is a first come first serves situation so let me know if you want one! 

We are uber excited and hope we'll see you there! 

LFCC16 promo instgrm by Entenn

Hey guys! Entenn Studio for the 3rd time will be at the London Film & Comic Con this long weekend 29th-31st July in London Olympia!
We have some new and very exciting stuff to show but the main thing is that we can meet up and have a chat about the important things in life like monsters and super heroes! Cannot wait to see you there and have some fun!!! :D
Hey guys! Entenn Studio for the 3rd time will be at the London Film & Comic Con this long weekend 29th-31st July in London Olympia!
We have some new and very exciting stuff to show but the main thing is that we can meet up and have a chat about the important things in life like monsters and super heroes! Cannot wait to see you there and have some fun!!! :DLFCC16 promo instgrm by Entenn
As some of you already know Entenn Studio will be exhibiting at The London Tattoo Convention at the end of this September. If you are around come say hello and check out what we have in store for you! I will be there signing prints and drawing like a madman with some of my limited merchandise. We are uber excited to be part of this legendary event! See y'all there! :)

More info about the event!: www.thelondontattooconvention.…

Tattoo by Entenn
London Film and Comic Con is over and I still cannot believe it. The love and support my work got at the event absolutely blew us away. With over a hundred sold prints this surely was our most successful event yet! Thank you so very much it really means the world! You are the absolute best and I hope I see you all very soon!!!

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Oh yes Ladies and Gentlemen! Even though I cannot really believe that a year just flew by. So many things happened after the wonderful LFCC '14. It was a very busy year indeed, and I didn't get the chance to share some of it yet for the reason I just cannot yet, but please be patient, it's coming. :)

But the reason I'm writing this journal mainly is to tell you that I'm going to be there at LFCC '15 so please come and visit my stall. But in any case that doesn't motivate you, there are some no name actors, actresses, comic book artists going to be there as well. 
That woman from that movie, Alien I think? Some kind of Sigourney whatever. And that guy from that time travel movie Into the future? Some kind of Matt G. Fox I think? (Of course I'm just joking here. I cannot believe the guest list!)
AAAAAAAA!!!! I cannot wait! You gotta come! Say hello have a chat with me, I'll have loads of merchandise, and limited edition prints! See you there!!! :)

More info about LFCC here:

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Here we are at the beginning of a new year, a new month, a new year! I had as blast in 2014, especially during the London Film and Comic Con which was my very fiirst and I had the good fortune to meet many of you! 
I have already done one commission for a progressive rock band called Gossamer Veil throughout new year's eve (which I will be uploading here shortly.) and I'm also working on a rule book cover for something Lovecraft related so stay tuned! It is a very exciting project and I'm very proud to be working on this! 

Anyway, I'd like to grab the opportunity to wish you all a very happy and creative new year for 2015! I wish for all your dreams may come true and finally let me thank you for following my work! It means a great deal to me and I treasure all support, all comments, and favorites because you make this real! THANK YOU!!!

So don't be a stranger and come back visiting! ;)

)Me by Entenn
30% Christmas Entenn Sale up till the 6th of November until stock lasts! Hurry before they sell!!! Merry Christmas!!! :)

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Hey guys after a long time of not writing a journal I'm back and all I can say to defend myself  on why I did not update you more that I was just constantly busy since the very beginning of this exciting year! But now I can share it with you! ;)

I have an announcement to make that this year I'll be at London Film & Comic-con with some of my original illustrations, sketchbooks, art-prints, contributions, my debuting range of merchandise and much more exciting stuff!!! The event will be at Earls Court 2, from 11th-13th of July!
More info about the con can be found here:

Come and say hello!

Batman snaps banner by Entenn
Interview with me at Monster Legacy!…
The new year! The first journal! Many things to say!

First and most importantly let me welcome everybody here, new and all watchers, friends! Thanks a lot for the support!

My new retrospective video about my works from last year is also up on the tube! As it is traditional now I make one after every year passed to show a couple of my personal projects! There is many of my professional or commissioned works did not make it into the slideshow because I did not show them at the moment! If for no other reason than to listen to some beautiful music give it a go!:

Just finished doing concept art for a low budget independent British horror movie which was fun and hope I can share my work with you soon! Till then here is the page of the feature on IMDB:…

Then I also would like to mention a fellow artist here who's talent is only exceeded by her generosity and kindness. Her work is extraordinary and definitely worthy of you to spend some time in her gallery! (On a personal note I don't understand how she works this much! I mean the amount of art she has in her gallery...ah just take a look!):SylwiaTelari

Finally let me just tell you a story! I met with a graphic designer/illustrator very recently, who also studies engineering. I think that is remarkable! I meet somany of these kind of people during my work, or in everyday life. They study something else because they don't believe that their education of art is enough, so they try to play smart and protect themselves. Fair enough! But they don't have passion for it! Wjen I ask them about these bonus subjects, usually all I get is is a grimace, or an uninspired look.
 I just admire these people so much. I wish I was like this. But the truth is that I'm passionate about art and even though I have no art education, and I'm still learning it every day, sure as hell I wouldn't be able to study something I don't care about just to play it smart! Don't get me wrong, I respect and I believe in studying something, and grow but to chain yourself into something you don't really find anything within is not only stupid but a coward thing to do. 
The other group of people are the one's who have art education, but they abandon their dreams and ambitions for a secure 10-6 manager position in a retail store. The way I see it that is unforgivable. 
My point is that if you passionate about something - no matter if that is accountancy, sciences or art - than it is your duty to believe in it and follow that star which is not given to everybody! Don't come and talk about how competitive the art field is because if you do that right what you do, and your work is strong, there is no other person who create that the exact same way as you! Nobody! 

Failure can be an option, fear never!

I wish a very happy Christmas and a very happy and creative new year to all my friends here on DA!!!

Thanks for the guys at Visual artistry! VisualArtistry
It is here again! Halloween! I hope everyone started to watch horror movies already! I sure did and I won't stop with the creepy marathon till the end of November I think! ;) I love this time of the year! The smell of the air, the wind spiced with the orange and yellow tree leafs, and of course you can just feel that all is frightening and dark once gain lurking around the corner and tries to get into our world! Monsters, creeps unite!!!
Sorry. I might overreact. Ahem. I would like to announce that this month is going to be a Horror & Creature month at Entenn Studio:
Come and have it with me! Of course if you don't want to get involved the FB chase and would like to remain within the well known DA territory that still can be achieved since I'm gonna post some new creature sketches here as well! Please look, comment & share your creatures with me here or on Facebook! 

I also would like to announce that I'm doing creature designs for a feature horror film, which means more creatures THANK GOD! I hope I can share some with you soon!

I would like to give a very warm welcome to my new watchers!!! Thank you guys! And my "older" watchers and friends here on DA, we are a mean little group and we love the gruesome! I'm just kidding. No it's true actually. 
Really, thank you all for coming and being interested at what I do! 

So c'mon show me your creations on facebook or here by sending me a note! Happy Halloween!!!

Just wanted to let you know that wherever I go I feel that whatever is that you seem to love you destroy. This hurts me deeply. Even though I'm a part of you and I supposed to feel part of the "family" and I suppose to be proud, I'm not. I'm from the South-East Hungary. My parents are living here in the village or a lovely little house within the forest at the lake. I LOVE coming here! Do you know why? Because it is peaceful, it is quiet, it is majestic, humble, wild, and it smells good. And yet I'm sad. I'm sad and disappointed because every single time I'm coming here to respectfully enjoy this heavenly peace I find less and less of this place here. It is destroyed, it is cut out and taken away from here. Not even five years ago this place was full of mistery, nature and beauty. And while it is still beautiful here there are huge growing empty spaces now, more roads, more veichles, more hunter towers, more people. And while you try to repopulate these great many of  empty places with small trees you plant so when they grow up you can cut them again, I don't suppose that any of those animals or any of the creatures were living within these woods appreciate any of your playing around with their living spaces.
How many times -I ask you- how many times do you need to learn that ANYTHING you do has consequences. Consequences rarely turn out to be beneficial for you. Here where I'm from you redirected and regulated  the river.This place was full of lakes and swamps.You wanted to walk around free, crop more, have more. And what now? You fall victim of the fourth very hot and dry summer and you don't know how to get the water to your crop and it is destroyed. Damaged. No food, no trade. You want more, you want easy, you are too many with no respect for your surroundings.
Now you want tourist areas and weekend houses in forests. Because you like the beauty and the peace of it. And what do you do instead of enjoying it as it is? You try to change it. You alter it. You hurt it -and the most outrageous of all- you try to bring the comfort of the city into the wild! You play loud music, litter, fish and hunt like a maniac. Like a child who gets a kitten from their parents and finds it so unbarebly cute that they constantly hugging it and stroking it till they hug and stroke the poor creature to death. Then they turn sad and move on for something else to like.
I'm helpless because I'm from here and I don't want to find another place to love. There is no other place for me. There is different beauty on this planet. All beautiful, but different. Please mankind if a beautiful bird lands on your shoulder do not try to capture it! You are not a child anymore, are you? Just let it fly! Enjoy it's beauty from the distance, as it was created, AS IT IS! I'm not even saying - what so many others do - that we are responsible for our world. Because hearing the expression one can instantly assume that we stand above it all. We do not stand above it. We are not responsible for it. WE ARE PART OF IT! If we destroy it we destroy ourselves! If we disregard this, if we are not paying attention we are going to die! We need to see that if we pour water onto the ground the planet will drink it. And if we pur poison onto the ground the planet will drink it just as much with the same thurst. But that will make US and OUR CHILDREN suffer! More than anything.

Dear Humankind! Please understand that you need to let go of your concepts of control, rule, and exploit. We need to stop whistling like nothing is happening around us, stop keep uncontrolably multiplying, and pretend that we do not hear the screams of dying. Why are we enemies of this world when we can be friends?

I still believe in you Humankind. I still do and I love you. But if you refuse to find your place within this system, then it is not  the world that's going to die, We are. Please I beg you Humankind don't let that happen!
Professional illustrators, photographers, artists on the internet and beyond! Take a look at this joke! That is why I'm telling everyone: Do not post your work without watermark or artist information!!! Just makes me wonder how exactly the government thought that gonna help the creative industry!? Spread the word! What are your thoughts?…
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Finally my website is done please take some time and enter my world:

                                                                                                Mate x
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Sorry for ignoring this journal lately. It's not about that there is nothing happening worth mentioning, it's quite the contrary actually, it's just I would want these thing to manifest a bit more, and we shall go ahead. There is a lot I'd love to share with you! Soon!

Till then there is the video from last year, which I know was shared before but "serious" people removed the audio track for reasons I have know idea of. Rhetorically I mean. So here it is again with lot's of unseen work!…

Loads of things happening on my facebook I'm begging you to "Like". You do me a favor and maybe with the new work and other goodies shared I can give a little back of that gesture!:

I'm lucky enough to be one of the featured artist on "The gap toothed madness" an independent art mag from Sacramento! The guys are so nice and the magazine is awesome, so is the website! Check it out!:
And the feature as well as other great artists:

And finally: Man of steel or Pacific Rim? Who's biting their nails of anticipation to see any of these and which one? Others? Tell me!
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Well, here we are in the new year! I will be entirely honest with you when I say 2012 was one of the greatest years of my life and now that is over- I know how silly it is- I'm a bit ?afraid? that the new year won't be so good. I mean I'm excited what 2013 is gonna be and all don't get me wrong... it is just a feeling.
Anyway, I finished traveling in September and now I'm back in England, London. It wasn't easy but it was extremely influential. I learned so much soo much... but that once again is gone so let us focus to the present.

During the trip in Europe and since then here in London I have created over 120 sketches which I greatly enjoyed creating. Many of these sketches are the products of my imagination, and many of them people I have met, learned, and experienced. I will upload some of them here, but if you are interested in the rest don't be shy and go and check out my blog at tumblr at:

If you haven't seen my blog yet and if you are with tumblr please go, check, and follow I follow back, so we create this follow network with interesting and talented people, so we can like, live, reblog and spread! Besides I'm posting new works there first, with Q&A sessions, and WIP's.

As some of you might have noticed I started to change my gallery to lower resolution artworks and watermarks. Unfortunately it has become necessary as the theft of my artworks has become a major issue. It is no problem to enjoy what I do and that makes me really proud, but using somebody's artwork for commercial purposes is an entirely different matter. Or private purposes but not crediting the artist is also common.

I hope you are all well! I'm looking forward to upload some new works and start to work on bigger projects, installations. More, there is a website coming soon, with updates and news about the work I do and a webshop is under construction where you can purchase some beautiful artprints, t-shirts, original framed artworks, mugs and more! Thanks for all the support and thank you for taking a look what I'm up to! Means a lot! Entenn!

PS: The rerospective video of last year is up! Hope you enjoy!…
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To all my friends and watchers I wish a very happy Christmas and an awesome new year!!! Thanks for the support and love you make Entenn real!!!